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When you add our climate and our location to our amenities, our educated workforce and an ocean of opportunities, you have the formula for economic success in Port Wentworth.

That’s why so many industry leaders are located and continue to locate in Port Wentworth, Georgia. And you couldn’t ask for a better business location when it comes to transporting your goods or services…the Georgia Ports Authority is just minutes away.

With cultural, historical and environmental attractions all around, opportunities for business expand along with the ever-increasing population.

Also, Port Wentworth, Georgia is a safe, “bedroom community” where its residents and visitors enjoy peace of mind because city police closely monitor crime, thanks to CrimeReports, the world leader in online crime mapping.

Shovels with red white and blue ribbons in Port Wentworth Georgia

Citizens can view local incidents at www.crimereports.com via analytical graphs, as well as get a bird’s eye view of the Port Wentworth area where crimes have occurred.

With the opening of the new Port Wentworth Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) off O’Leary Road, the City is wisely preparing for its growth in the next decade. The new WWTF eliminates a non-compliant point source for pollution and improves the water quality in the Savannah River which benefits the entire ecosystem. The WWTF’s state-of-the-art process produces a high-quality effluent that can be used for a variety of “reuse” activities such as lawn irrigation. This facility is the only treatment plant in the State of Georgia, maybe the U.S., capable of producing an effluent that will not degrade the receiving stream. The WWTF is designed to treat 2.0 MGD of wastewater and is expandable to 4.0 MGD. The USEPA, GAEPD, SCDHEC and the City of Port Wentworth worked together to secure the permit of this unique facility. The WWTF is providing long-term economic benefits to the City of Port Wentworth by ensuring the continued availability of its wastewater treatment capacity to accommodate future growth needs of the City.

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